Rental service

Haitor also rents their products. Our rental service offers wrenches, tensioning tools, pumps, hoses and bushings – in all sizes.

Renting is a viable option for many good reasons. First of all, you don’t need to buy a specific tool type or size, if it'll be one you’ll rarely need. Secondly, by renting you get a chance to use and test a tool or multiple different tools for your particular purpose before deciding to make a purchase. Thirdly, renting is a valid alternative in seasonal busy periods when you temporarily need more tooling capacity than you have yourself. Finally, when you rent tools, you will always receive a well-maintained and calibrated torque tool to ensure proper work safety, productivity and bolting accuracy.

For Haitor, customer service is everything. A concrete example of this is that we offer our customers an option to rent the required tool first. If a customer decides to purchase the product in question, we will reimburse the rental price from the price of a NEW tool.

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