Training services

To work with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, the operators must have received appropriate user training.

Trained operators have a highly important role in guaranteeing work safety and ensuring the desired end result in any tensioning work. Haitor is committed to adhering to work safety principles in order to avoid accidents. It is also important to remember that when tools are used correctly, maintenance costs are lower in the long term.

Haitor is Finland’s leading expert in its field and thus capable of providing the best training. As well as providing user training in tandem with the delivery of equipment, we also arrange larger-scale training events. Customers possessing good know-how are in a key position when we develop new, productive solutions for various application needs.

It is quite typical that during a training session we can identify a cost-effective solution that improves the customer’s productivity while at the same time completing the tensioning work faster than previously using only a single tool.

We can organize training events either in our own training premises or on-site with the customer. Our own training premises incorporate a showroom, where it is possible demonstrate and try out tools. The advantage of training arranged at the customer’s premises is that more individuals can conveniently participate in the event.